Supporting Your Team

I am always accepting of other people’s team. I support everyone’s sporting decisions whether they differ from my own or not. My own team is the Indianapolis Colts. The Indianapolis Colts is a professional team. Buy an Indianapolis Colts Jersey will never let you down. I have been thinking about how different the football teams differ over countries. It is interesting to see how the game develops over centuries and countries from only a ball and a foot.

For example, in Australia they play AFL. This game differs significantly from American Football as it in played entirely by kicking and hand balling. If you have witnesses this game you will also notice they could be argued to be exceptional human beings as they wear no protective gear and are frequently prone to injury.

This differs from the game known as football in the UK, also known as Soccer. This is a game entirely played with your foot which you would never dare touch with your hands. It’s interesting how one word can be used in such a different way with in each country.

Whatever your game or your team, I recommend purchasing a supporters sweater to support your team. This shows team pride and also allows part of the payment to go towards supporting your team. It also makes you feel that bit more supportive of your team and creates a connection between other supporters that you would never of otherwise connected with. There is a sense of connection with strangers that you would otherwise never have made. You can purchase supporters wear from many places including online retailers and the clubs directly.

Whatever the case, wherever you are from and whatever you favorite sport is, get behind them and support them by wearing their colors and attending their matches.

And just for the record, the Indianapolis Colts is the best team.