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dream team

Dream Team: Frank Gore Jersey #23


Frank Gore’s jersey number for the Indianapolis Colts is number 23.

Position played:

Frank Gore plays the position of running back.

What does Frank Gore do in his spare time?

As with most sportsmen, apparently he spends loads of time in the outdoors and loves gardening – he is particularly fond of environmentalism and believes in conservation efforts. I’ve been researching electric mowers to try and follow in his footsteps and so I feel like I’m doing my bit too ūüėČ I guess we all need to do our bit to help the environment. If you need some guidance finding the a top electric mowers there’s loads of resources online – I found quality reviews just by researching the term. His NFL background is strong however, and even on the weekends he enjoys playing a game of football with friends.

Best game moment?

I really respect Frank Gore’s abilities on the field. Although he is not my favorite player, I can absolutely respect his ability to play a great game of football. This has resulted in many great moments on the field, although I believe he was a great player even before he joined the Colts. One such moment was leading the 49ers to win the Superbowl in 2012. For me, I am still waiting to see his best moment playing for the Colts but I am sure this will not be far off.

So, what is your opinion on Frank Gore?

Frank Gore has had a fantastic playing career. Over the years he has shown what a dedicated and talented footballer he is. His dedication has resulted in a long NFL career that will be continued for many years to come. I suppose I am always a little cautious when I see players come from other teams. One is always presented with the questions. One such question is why did they leave? Instead of looking towards the player for blame, it is probably more fair to suggest that the offer of playing for the Indianapolis Colts was too good to refuse. After all, it is the best team in the NFL! We also do not know about any workplace politics that may be happening behind closed doors. Anyway, I look forward to seeing his progress in the next season, and I’m sure 2017 will be an exciting season for Frank Gore.

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Dream Team: Winston Guy Jersey #27



Winston Guy’s¬†jersey number for the Indianapolis Colts is number 27.

Position played:

Winston Guy plays the position of safety.

What does Winston Guy do in his spare time?

Winston Guy does not have spare time. With a job and 2 young kids, he is a busy working father. He is a family man that cares about his kids. He is also interested in rap music and enjoys listening to it in his spare time.

Best game moment?

There is no specific best game moment for Winston Guy in my opinion. He played in 12 games with a total of 6 tackles for the Indianapolis Colts, before being released. Although he was not the best player for the Indianapolis Colts, I admired his effort on the field in both games.

So, what is your opinion on Winston Guy?

Lacking a proper player record, it is difficult to give a full in depth opinion on Winston Guy without also discussing the time he has spent playing for other teams. He was released by the Colts this year and it has been a shame that he was not given the opportunity to fully show just how good he is. At 26 years old, he is still a young guy and there are plenty more years for him to prove just how good he is. I think it is also important to remember that he was already a father at a young age. This gives him priorities outside of football. It also seemed that perhaps his passion was not with the Colts. He had originally chosen to sign with the Seattle Seahawks as opposed to the Colts. It is also important to remember that his release was not necessarily in regards to his ability. He may have been released so that there was room for other players to take his place. Regardless, I think he is a great player and I am sure we will see more of him in the future.

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Dream Team: Andre Johnson Jersey #81


Andre Johnson’s Jersey number with the Indianapolis Colts is 81.

Position played:

Andre Johnson plays as a wide receiver.

Best game moment?

Scoring a touch down in 2008, Andre Johnson lead one of the best game moments of the season. This was an exciting moment for all colts players. You can see this video posted online. ESPN listed a lot of Andre Johnson’s stats. You can see some of Andre Johnson’s best moments of 2008 in the video below.

What does Andre Johnson do in his spare time?

Andre Johnson is a big supporter of children. He raises a lot of money for children and has made headlines for his generous donations, especially concerning children that have been raised in broken homes. Having grown up in a broken home myself, this is something that I really give him credit for. Besides for his fantastic skills on the field, I think he is a generous and humble person and I am sure there is more to him that meets the field.

So, what is your opinion on Andre Johnson?

I think Andre Johnson is a fantastic player. He has won many awards for his playing and continues to impress on the field. At over 6 foot and 230 lbs, he is a huge player and this makes him a fantastic wide receiver. This is probably because no one wants to fight him for the ball! More than that, I think he is a great person and I would love to meet him one day. Perhaps if he is ever to offer a meet and greet I will be able to speak to him in person. I would offer him one piece of advice, and that would be to keep his head up high and to continue playing the way he does. Players like Andre Johnson deserve our credit so that they can continue to be great examples for kids and for the wider community. After all, they are public figures and they inspire a lot of people. He certainly inspires me!